Affirmations for NaNoWriMo 2006

These may have been writen for NaNoWriMo, but they are great to remember for your writing all year long.

by Debra Kemp

1) I will treat each writing session/day as a writer's retreat.

2) Before I begin each writing session/day, I will perform my learner's Tai Chi set for the day to help focus my breathing and intent for the work of writing.

3) I will take time for myself.

4) I will take time to focus on family and the real world when I've finished my session for the day.

5) I will post these affirmations over my desk where I can see them during my writing sessions.

6) I will focus on Lin's story and her words, and not on a daily word "quota".

7) I will remember that *1667* is merely a suggested word count goal for the day. It is equally acceptable to achieve fewer words as it is to achieve more words per day.

8) I will enjoy the process of creating and learning my story as it unfolds--no matter the order it takes during the course of writing.

9) I will remind myself of number 8 often.